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jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

My Goal for 2010

I am writing this publication at 9:30 pm the 31st., December 2009.
This has been a year of deep change and self growth for me at all levels of my life. And I am very grateful for that.

My GOAL for 2010:

Integrating my two Careers I offer you to be your guide to see your life in a different way, more positive, having the clarity that will let you find your goals from the now towards the future to be able to:

1- Find the sense of your life.

2- Feel Safe and Secure

3- Improve your personal relationships: with yourself and others

4- Determine your life projects as an individual

5- Establish your professional projects: Begin a Business, found a company or choose a Career

6- Choose the right decision as a Manager, wishing your employees to be efficient at work or facilitating a better communication around you.

7- Have the brightness of mind and the light to come out of the situation in which you are today and from a new position, a new angle, see alternatives and possibilities to grow and change the situation


I offer you this through my experience, my own work, my accomplishments and the fact of having myself gained all this in my life.

Thank you for trusting and believing in yourself, to be together co creators of your future new life from now, from this beginning of a new year that at the same time represents the beginning of many new possibilities in our life.